Hi, I'm Melanie Berman. For the past 20 years I have worked with a variety of craft materials, both in my teachings and in my own work. While becoming captivated with pewter on an embossing workshop a few years ago, it has become my main medium for creative self expression.

In my home country of South Africa, pewter is used extensively in art and embellishment. In my work I use mainly pewter and copper sheet, combining them with different waxes and colourful inks. As well as the metal, I use other forms of mixed media, including textiles, wirework, coloured foils and other decoration. I create one-off pieces as well as using the metal for notebooks, journals, mirror frames and boxes.

I draw my inspiration from nature as well as sculptural pieces and architecture. I am constantly looking for new creative ideas in the many photographs that I take on my travels.