Pewter is a metal alloy consisting mainly of tin, to which copper and antimony are added to strengthen and harden it. Pewter has been around since the beginning of the Bronze Age, being used for tableware before the introduction of porcelain.


The art of embossing (repoussé) is the process of creating a raised design on a malleable piece of metal, using basic hand tools. This has traditionally been used on copper and pewter but in modern embossing we also use craft metal shims and foils in different colours. Texture is added to the metal with texture tools and simple rubbing plates. The metal is then darkened by using a liquid patina, which gives it an aged appearance and is then polished to a high gloss, leaving the patina in the recesses. This gives the artwork a 3-dimensional appearance. Colour can be added with various inks and glass stains. The finished piece is then varnished.